L4361 ISO-FT353 - XL - Universal - ISO Preferred Air Walking Boot

Product Code: ISO-FT353

The ISO Preferred Air Walking Boot (FT35x) offers comfort, stability and performance using air compression inside a rigid frame to provide customized support. The pneumatic lining system in the boot provides variable compression adjustments to help manage the support needs throughout the healing process. The unique property of air compression is the ability to make as-needed adjustments to accommodate swelling, improve stability and decrease pain. The rigid Plastic frame offers durability while the interior air bladder uses an embedded air pump to provide advanced support and convenient comfort. The Advanced Gripping Material on the fastening straps offers convenient on/off application and the low-profile rocker bottom assists in maintaining a natural gait and improved wearability. The Air Boot is for either the left or right foot and fits women’s shoe sizes 6-15+ and men’s shoe sizes 4-13+.

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Barcode: ISO-FT353

HCPCS Code: L4361

Size: XL

Side: Universal

Brand: ISO Preferred

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