Payments are made via credit card or ACH (direct from bank account). Credit cards we accept include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Orders shipped Monday through Friday are billed on Thursday of the following week.Some customers may have other billing arrangements.

Your company administrator will request a login with the correct access for you. They will provide you with the email to login and you can follow the First Time Login instructions in your User Guide to create your password.

Most customers will have their own shipping account with FedEx or UPS. The first place to check for delivery status is with your shipper. When Preferred Industries ships an item for you, we send the packing slips and the shipment information for each package to a contact you provide to us. You would look up the specific shipment and check the tracking number information. Any further follow-up would be done with the shipper.

If the shipment was a bulk shipment and was shipped by Preferred Industries, please contact us at

Yes. We require new customers to complete an Onboarding Package that provides addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and payment information. Once this is submitted, Preferred Industries will set up an account and allow you to place orders.

Once you submit your Onboarding Package to us, we will create your account in our system and provide a login for you and whoever on your team you specify. Examples would be, order taker, biller, owner. Your team will be trained in how to place orders, how to view pricing, invoices and other documents.

Yes. If you need an order and wish to pay immediately by credit card, we can arrange that for you. Contact if you need assistance.

The owner of the account will be able to designate who can see pricing for items on your order sheet. All orders shipped by you to customers will only contain the information needed for billing: Patient information, product description, product billing code(s), quantity shipped, date, invoice number, shipper (your company), date of shipment.

We generally limit items by category. For instance, if you only sell lumbar items, we can limit your view of inventory to only lumbar products. Likewise, if you are a wrist or ankle specialist, we can limit your view to only those items.

Our search and filters will allow you to search by HCPCS code, by brand, by product name, keyword or by SKU.

Yes. We would set your account up as a bulk shipment account. We would ship the quantities you specify to your location. The invoice will include shipping costs.

Most customers provide us with their own shipment account with FedEx or UPS. This account is private to you and any rate discounts are between you and the shipper. You may access the shipping information at any time by logging into your shipper account.

Send an email to and our technical administrator will remove that individual from the system.

Send an email to and let us know what roles and capabilities this employee should have access to. We will need a full name, email address, and phone number.

You may download a catalog of all our products by going here: Preferred Industries Catalog

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