L3807/L3809 ISO-WR321R - M - Right - ISO Preferred Advanced Wrist w Thumb Splint

Product Code: ISO-WR321R

The ISO Preferred Advanced Wrist with Thumb Splint (WR32xx) is a rigid but malleable orthosis recommended when immobilization of the wrist and/or thumb is needed. Medial thumb stay provides immobilization and thumb abduction. This unique “v” shaped metal thumb stay/immobilizer and adjustable strapping system supports the thumb during the healing process. The metal palmer stay stops just short of the distal palmer, allowing full range of motion for the fingers. This metal palmar stay coupled with the plastic dorsal stays prevent flexion and extension, providing both protection and immobilization. Multiple hand and wrist closure straps control and stabilize overall mobility. Breathable mesh material promotes airflow and wicks moisture away from the skin for increased comfort. Tubular construction allows for quick and easy one-handed application, once the patient has been fitted for the brace.

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Barcode: ISO-WR321R

HCPCS Code: L3807, L3809

Size: M

Side: Right

Brand: ISO Preferred

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