L3762 ISO-EL210 - Universal - ISO Preferred Elbow Reinforcement w/o Joints

Product Code: ISO-EL210

The ISO Preferred Elbow Reinforcement w/o Joints (EL210) is an elbow orthosis, rigid, without joints and is primarily intended for Cubital tunnel syndrome pain and Compression of the Ulnar nerve at the elbow. It is designed to keep the elbow in an approximately straight position. This position keeps the Ulnar nerve relaxed where it is not in compression/tension. Other conditions it may be used for are Post op application, Post cast removal, Tennis and golfer’s elbow and other elbow instabilities. The brace is universal sized and fits both left and right elbows. It is generally used at bedtime, but can be worn at any time.

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Barcode: ISO-EL210

HCPCS Code: L3762


Side: Universal

Brand: ISO Preferred

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