L1843/L1851 ISO-KN207SR - Right - ISO Preferred KOA ROM Hinge Knee Brace - Adjustable support, stabilizer, flexible extension

Product Code: ISO-KN207SR

The ISO Preferred KOA ROM Hinge Knee Brace (KN207SR) is a single upright orthopedic hinged knee brace with adjustable rotational control for flexion and extension settings. Brace also provides a powerful lateral bracing system with unloading features for medial support to the knee. The KOA brace extends from the thigh to the calf and may be fitted off-the-shelf or customized by ordering physician. Lightweight and ergonomic design ensures superior fit. Universal size. Select left or right side. Optional Knee Suspension Sleeve (KN208) may be worn over or under the brace for additional support or comfort.

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Barcode: ISO-KN207SR

HCPCS Code: L1843, L1851


Side: Right

Brand: ISO Preferred

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