L1686 ISO-HI203R - 3XL-5XL - RIGHT - ISO - Complete Kit (2 Items: ISO Preferred Post Op Hip Abduction Brace with Adjustment Flexion + 1 Belt Extension)

Product Code: ISO-HI203R-LARGE-KIT

The ISO Preferred Post Op Hip Brace with Flexion/Extension/Abduction (HI203x) is a single hip support for the left or the right side and is intended for abduction control and post-op support. Brace is a universal size to fit varying body types and includes fit adjustments for girth and length. Hip movement is managed by using motion control locking systems and includes various settings for Abduction, Adduction as well as Flexion and Extension. Lightweight and breathable design including padding and materials with advanced engineering specific to hip injuries and surgical procedures.

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HCPCS Code: L1686

Size: 3XL-5XL

Side: Right

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